Questions for the event AQUARIUM’s New Year « TOUR EIFFEL » @ L'Aquarium

Frequently Ask Questions

Our events are aimed at different age ranges according to the event. The average age range of attendees is given on the page of each event. However as the law stipulates that alcohol must not be served to persons under the age of 18, ENTRY IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO ALL PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18, even if you are joined by an accompanying adult, friend, parent, or other responsible person.

IF YOU ARE NOT 18 ON OR BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT, ENTRY WILL NOT BE GRANTED. Proof of age photo ID will be requested, and no refunds will be granted for non compliance with age regulations or for failure to provide proof of age.
Yes, however, the cloakroom service is not included in the ticket price. A small charge will be required to use the cloakrooms, usually around 3euros per smaller item (coat, small evening bag, motorcycle helmet), and around 4euros for larger bags. This is the safest place to leave anything valuable, and we request that you do not leave anything lying around at the venue. The event organizers cannot be held responsible for any items lost or missing (except those entrusted to their care in the cloakroom in exchange for the aforementioned fee). It is advised to keep all items on your person or in the cloakroom, especially valuables such as money, mobile phones and cameras. Be also advised that items can be reclaimed from the cloakroom only once, after you reclaim an item, in order to return it to the cloakroom, you will be required to recheck the item and repay the fee, so make sure you have taken out everything you will need before leaving items at the cloakroom (for example money, cigarettes, lipstick).
1 token/ticket =
- 1 glass of non alcoholic beverage (e.g. coca cola, apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, tonic water)
- or 1 glass of spirit and mixer (not including energy drink)
- or 1 small beer

2 tokens/tickets =
- 1 glass of spirit with energy drink
- 1 glass of sparkling wine
The bottle option does not include admission to the party. You must first take one of the formulas proposed for each participant and then add a "Bottle Option". This will allow you to have a table (for 4-5 people) + a bottle of your choice.

The Bottle Option is fairly inexpensive for a December 31st because there are already drinks included in the formulas.

Example: You are 4 people and you want to have a bottle. You must take:
4 Formulas
1 Bottle option
Though not overly strict, we do require a certain minimum for the New Years Eve celebrations. Though suits for men and evening gowns for women are welcome, but not obligatory, attendees must be clean and smartly attired. “Streetwear” is not acceptable (for example, t-shirts, trainers, baggy or loose clothes, baseball caps, are all unacceptable dress).

Some examples of acceptable dress are jeans or trousers with a smart shirt and smart shoes, even better with a jacket, and dresses or smart skirts and tops.
- Over the internet through our 100% secure online ticket office. To buy tickets simply click on the “buy online” button on the web page of your chosen event. We recommend buying tickets online as the quickest and easiest method. We work with one of France’s leading online ticket office companies, « Weezevent », and there is a minor commission charge for the processing of each ticket purchase (usually around 1.99 euro per ticket).

- At the “Reveillon Paris” ticket office situated : Les Etoiles - 61 rue du Chateau d'Eau, Paris, 75010 (metro station 4 : Chateau d'Eau // metro station 4 or 8 or 9 : Strasbourg Saint Denis). The ticket office is open from the 30th of December onwards, from 12.30pm until 8pm. The physical ticket office does not charge any commission on ticket sales.
Tickets are paid for online using a credit card, and once payment has been accepted you will be able to print out your tickets (the tickets can be printed in color or black and white, either are valid). There is a unique barcode at the bottom of each ticket which will be scanned at the entrance with a special machine that checks the validity of the ticket, just like the barcodes on boarding passes which are scanned at the airport. If you are unable to print your tickets, it is possible to present the barcode on the screen of your smartphone at the event entrance. You can print out as many copies of your ticket as you like, but each ticket/unique barcode can only be used once to enter the event. After your unique barcode has been scanned and validated, and you have been granted entry to the event, your entry will be recorded by the system and your unique barcode becomes invalid, so another person cannot re use your ticket to gain entry. The website which handles and processes our online ticket sales does charge a small commission (usually varying between 1.99 and 2.99 euros per ticket).
No, they are not. It is possible to buy numerous tickets all in the same name and to then pass them on to others. But each ticket will still have a unique, different barcode and can only be used once, by one person, to gain initial entry to the event. However, groups are to maintain a mixture of men and women according to the terms and conditions of the event.
Yes, provided that the ticketholder (the person using the ticket to enter the event) meets certain terms and conditions :

- He or she must be of legal drinking age (18 years of age)
- He or she must be in respect of the formal dress code applicable for each event
- He or she must respect the codes of behavior expected from event attendees (rudeness, aggression, or violence towards event staff or other attendees will result in being denied entry or being forcibly removed from the event)
- He or she must not have already consumed or be in possession of drugs
- He or she must not be visibly under the influence of alcohol upon entry to the event. Anyone visibly inebriated will be refused entry, and can be removed forcibly from the event if they are visibly inebriated to excess.
An advance ticket gives priority entrance over those arriving without tickets and wishing to purchase tickets upon arrival.  However, those arriving with advance tickets will be granted access to the event by order of arrival at the entrance.  So, yes, if a lot of people with advance tickets arrive before you do, a short wait is possible whilst they pass through security and ticket scanning.  We therefore advise advance ticketholders to arrive 30 minutes before doors open, or after half past midnight to avoid waiting too long in line.
Yes, within the event open hours. However, it is advised to arrive before 11pm or after half past midnight to avoid the busiest times at the entrance and cloakrooms.
We do not recommend that you attempt to buy tickets at the door. Our New Years Eve events are usually fully booked, and it is rare that any tickets remain for sale at the door. What’s more, buying an advance ticket is considerably cheaper than an on the door ticket, so we invite you to take advantage of the good deals…. If you decide nonetheless to try to attend without an advance ticket, an information hotline is open on the 31st of December to provide information about remaining ticket availabilities.
We apologize but no refunds will be given. Advance tickets are sold at a reduced promotional price, and are therefore neither exchangeable nor refundable. However, as tickets are not nominative, you can pass your ticket on to someone else if you are unable to attend.
No, drinks tickets are exchangeable as following the aforementioned rules and only during the open hours of the bar on the day of the event, the drinks tickets are not refundable.
The tables and seating are reserved in priority to those attendees having purchased one or more bottles of alcohol from the event, on a first come first served basis. The tables not attributed to bottle customers function on a free seating basis. Bottles of alcohol at the event may be purchased in advance on our website (at a promotional price), or at the event itself.
No, once you exit the venue to leave the event you will not be permitted to return to the event.
Yes, there is a smoking area provided at the event venue.
The events are in Paris and parking in Paris can be difficult at the best of times. We would advise that instead you use public transport to travel to and from the event, moreover, public transport is free and certain lines run all night on New Years Eve.