Alcohol consumption on New Year's Eve in Paris

Alcohol New Year's Eve in Paris

New Year’s Eve celebrations are the perfect occasion to let your hair down and have fun!  So enjoy the good food, enjoy a glass or two, dance the night away, exchange kisses, shout out loud... but above all make sure you get home from the night safely.

Drink or Drive, but don’t do both…  Especially on New Year’s Eve. A small reminder that to enjoy the New Year festivities safely and without worry, it is better to avoid taking the car if possible. EACH GLASS OF ALCOHOL TAKES BETWEEN ONE AND TWO HOURS TO BE ELIMINATED FROM THE BODY. This means if you drink five glasses of alcohol, it is imperative that you absolutely DO NOT DRIVE.
Paris public transport services, RATP and SNCF, run a number of metro and RER lines throughout the night of December 31st to ensure that you can easily get around the city without needing the car. If you do decide to use the car, don’t forget to organize a designated driver for the evening who will agree to not consume alcohol so that everyone’s safety is ensured.
Driving under the influence not only puts at risk your life and the lives of others, you also risk losing your license. Paris police department puts in place an impressive number of vehicle stop checkpoints for every New Year’s Eve, with systematic breathalyzer checks.

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