New Years Eve Dining In Paris

New Years Eve Dining In Paris

New Years Eve Dining In Paris :

It is important to make sure you eat well for the New Years Eve 2020 dinner (especially if you are planning to enjoy a few drinks over the evening).  It’s important to plan ahead to begin the New Year in the best possible way.

1. Dinner at home or at a friend’s place before heading out to the party
Advantage - Cozy and inexpensive
Disadvantage - This may be far from where the parties are held, and then there’s the work involved in cooking and cleaning up after
2. New Years Eve dinner in a Paris restaurant
Advantage -can be delicious depending on the place, and you can choose somewhere near the following party
Disadvantage - Often costly, prices are increased for New Years Eve, and service can often be very slow, not really a party atmosphere.
3. Nightclub or Disco offering New Years Dinner or Buffet formula
Advantage - Cheaper than a restaurant with a more convivial festive atmosphere, and you are already at the venue where the party takes place so no need to organize travel halfway through the festivities.
Disadvantage - These formulas are more often buffets rather than seated waiter service dinners.
Up to you to whey up the pros and cons and choose the solution best suited to how you imagine your perfect New Years Eve Celebrations 2020.

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