Dress code for New Year's Eve in Paris

Dress code New Year's Eve Paris

It is not always easy to dress up for New Year's Eve. You have to adapt your outfit to the party you are going to. In any case, leave the jacket and sneakers in the locker room ;)

New Year's Eve is still the occasion to make an effort and to put forward your wardrobe. The suit or the evening dress are generally not compulsory (except if it is specified) but a correct dress is always required.

If you want to dress up for New Year's Eve 2023, it is generally very appreciated by the organizers of the event: it adds to the atmosphere and makes the evening even more festive. Don't hesitate to ask the different organizers of the parties on December 31st to know if it is accepted.

Be careful, it can be cold on New Year's Eve... Cover up to avoid starting 2023 with a cold. All New Year's Eve parties in Paris offer a checkroom (usually count 3€ to 4€ per item).

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