New Year Fireworks Paris

New Year Fireworks in Paris

Contrary to popular belief, Paris does NOT hold firework shows for December 31st (Nothing in the way of firework shows is organized by the city council).

Many tourists are often disappointed when they wait around the Eiffel Tower or Trocadero for fireworks that never come.  (The last time there were fireworks for New Years dates back to the special exception that was allowed for 2000 millennium celebrations).
So there will not be fireworks organized by the city council for this 2019 New Years Eve. The fireworks will take place as has always been tradition on July 14th, France’s National Holiday.
Moreover, the city police regulates against the sale of fireworks on and around New Years Eve to prevent disturbance of the public peace, going as far as giving out fines to those in possession of fireworks on New Years Eve (38euro fine).  So don’t risk it, and instead enjoy one of the performances or light shows amongst the many New Years Eve events we have selected for you.

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