Good value deals for new years eve in Paris

Good value deals for new years eve in Paris

Not all New Year’s Eve offers are good value for money. That is why here at, every year we carefully and rigorously select our venues and event organizers so that you can be sure to enjoy the very best value deals available for New Year’s Eve in Paris, and this year is no exception. Here we offer you the best events and the best value deals for New Year’s Eve 2018.

The best way to save money on your New Year’s Eve celebration is to purchase your tickets and alcohol bottles in advance. Advance tickets bought here on the website are cheaper than paying on the door. Also, purchasing tickets in advance provides priority access over people who show up without tickets, and makes everything easier for you on the night.
A lot of people ask about free entry, guest lists, and reductions on ticket prices for New Year’s Eve in Paris. New Year’s Eve events in Paris are very popular, and more often than not, fully booked or sold out well before the night, so you are unlikely to find free entry, guest list, or reduced price promotions. Beware of places that offer free entry or excessively low ticket prices, reputable events generally do not offer these kind of promotions as their events are very popular. Free entry and excessively low prices can often mean hidden costs inside the party, or guests can be disappointed by a low quality venue, installations and services.

Find the events for the New Year's Eve in Paris

12 events


New Year's Eve Les Planches

> 200m from Champs-Elysées
> From 45€ !! + 10 Drinks Token
> Special USA Party
800 partygoers for a most American New Years Eve event with a musical selection 100% USA! QUARTERBACKS AND CHEERLEADERS serve drinks at the bar in original USA style Red Cups! Dance the night away...
NEW YEARS EVE 100% DANCFLOOR @ Palais de Tokyo

New Year's Eve Yoyo (Palais de Tokyo)

> 1300 People
> 55€ + 3 Drinks or 65€ + 10 Drinks
> 10M Led Lightwall
In the heart of one of Paris’ most elegant neighborhoods you will enjoy one of the most outrageous New Years Eve 2018 parties ever! The YOYO is the new fashionable club that brands and artists alike...
VIP NEW YEAR Champs-Elysées 2018

New Year's Eve Pavillon Champs-Elysées

> VIP on Champs-Elysées
> Gourmet Cocktail Buffet
> From 59€ (3 to 10 Drink Tokens)
This event is the most prestigious of all New Year events in Paris, offering you the possibility to enjoy the largest dance floor to be found on the champs elysees itself! This is a once in a...

New Year's Eve L'Aquarium

> 1500 people
> From 49€ + Drink(s) + Open Bubbly Bar
> At the foot of Eiffel Tower
An exceptional New Years Eve Party in a magical fairytale setting complete with giant tropical aquarium, below the Trocadero palace and directly facing the Eiffel tower ! You will dance the night...
Riverboat Party New Year’s Eve NOTRE DAME DE PARIS

New Year's Eve La Péniche Notre-Dame

> 400 lucky partygoers
> 3 to 10 drink Token
> Panoramic View over Notre-Dame de Paris
Come and rediscover PARIS BY NIGHT and see in 2018 with one of the most stunning views in Paris. « La Peniche » riverboat enjoys an extraordinary location with exceptional panoramic views of the most...

New Year's Eve Bateau Le Quai

> Boat with panoramic view
> 3 to 10 Free Drink Tokens
> large outdoor terrace
Enjoy New Years Eve in an original and extraordinary setting aboard “Le Quai”, the most beautiful of all of the characteristic Paris riverboats. Marred close to the Champs Elysées, “Le Quai” offers...

New Year's Eve Bus Palladium

> 700 People
> 49€ + 3 Drinks ou 59€ + 10 Drinks
> 80's Themed New Year's Eve Party
Flashback to the flashiest, most extravagant, most innovative decade of the last century. No more impersonal New Years Eve parties where the atmosphere is as cold as the winter weather... No « boum...

New Year's Eve Les Etoiles

> Historic Theater
> Show performers/ Masks / Boas...
> From €39 + Drinks + Open Bubbly bar
Celebrate the New Year with originality and style. A new event concept that combines CLUBBING with traditional Parisian CABARET, reminiscent of the golden age of ''Belle Époque'' Paris, in the new...

New Year's Eve Royal Salons Vianey

Royal Vianey Reception Rooms
> 10 Drink Tokens
> 35€ Ladies / 55€ Men (All Inclusive)
1500 revelers enjoy an exceptional setting for this very special New Years Eve celebration Prestigious location in the heart of Paris boasting a number of different rooms to enjoy...
Generation 80-90 - New Years Eve 100% 80s-90s

New Year's Eve Globo

> 700 People
> 45€ +3 Drink or 55€ +10 Drink
New Years Eve 100% 80s-90s
The « Generation 80-90 party » returns for a surprise New Years edition in the festive location of the Globo club. Are you a child of the 80s or 90s ? Be it for a trip down memory lane, or if you...

New Year's Eve Chez Papillon

> 450 peoples
> 50€ + 2 Drink Tokens + Open Bubble Bar

> New Year's Eve Masked Ball
You will be unable to resist the charm of the 8th arrondissement’s legendary, mythical institution of a club that has played host to the capitals most prestigious club nights. We are giving away...

New Year's Eve Club Haussmann

> 900 people
> 55€ + 10 Drink Tokens
> Free Breakfast
We are pulling out all the stops for this 2018 New Years Eve celebrations : Luxury one of a kind venue in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from Paris famous department store Galeries Lafayette. ...